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“Workers should never have to choose between doing the right thing and losing their job”

Can my employer retaliate against me?

Have you been terminated, demoted, disciplined, denied promotion, gotten bad performance reviews or forced to quit or fired and believe it was retaliation? Did you lose your job under suspicious circumstances? Was it undeserved? Are you a good employee? If the answer is “yes,” then you should speak with an attorney right away.

At the Webb Law Firm, we understand how important your job is to you. If you were unjustly fired, you are probably worried, confused and wondering if you have any recourse? Someone has just stolen your dignity, self-esteem, confidence, joy, happiness, and quality of life. At our Woodland Hills, California law office, we will help you through this process.

What is retaliation?

There are Federal, State and local statutes prohibiting retaliation. They serve the purpose of encouraging open communication so that employers can take steps to remedy violations -- and to prevent innocent employees being placed in a position where they have to choose between doing the right thing and losing their jobs.

It is unlawful for an employer to retaliate against an employee because they have exercised a legal right or duty; or objected to do something illegal. The most common reasons for retaliation are for OSHA and workplace safety complaints, violation of anti-discrimination laws under FEHA, reporting illegal activities, and violation of Labor laws. Yet, every day, people are denied positions, passed over for promotions and are penalized due to employer retaliation.

The most common form of retaliation is being fired. Other acts of retaliation include disciplinary actions, bad performance reviews, being denied raises or promotions and being transferred or demoted. It can even be harassment to force the employee to quit.

Our legal team can help you determine what course of legal action is best for you. Depending on your situation, your employer may owe you for lost wages, benefits, emotional distress, attorney’s fees and more depending on the unique circumstances of your case.

What are examples of Retaliation?

Toby was right out of High School at the age of 17 when he hired on with the Graphics Company. It was his very first job. The only job he knew. He was a loyal employee. He had married, had a family and planned to work there until his retirement. 21 years later he was fired claiming unprofessional conduct.

Condoned by upper management, the work environment at Graphics more than resembled a college fraternity. The behavior on the work floor, disguised as hazing, consisted of dangerous pranks, even violent sexual assaults. Toby himself was often on the receiving end of these pranks. On several occasions, a supervisor set him on fire with lighter fluid. A manager even threw feces at him. Female strippers were hired to come in to “entertain”, with alcoholic beverages. On other occasions he was made to go buy liquor to consume on the job. Toby complained and was told, “If you can't run with the dogs, get out of the pack.” All pranks were played out in front of the upper management. No one was ever disciplined for them.

During a speech at a company retirement, Toby spoke candidly about the many years of humiliating hazing abuses that had gone on. The retirement dinner was a success, but as Toby left the podium, little did he know his life was soon to be turned upside down.

The following morning, Toby arrived at work only to be fired on the spot and escorted off premises for everyone to see. It was in retaliation for his speaking out publicly about the company sanctioned dangerous working conditions, which embarrassed the company President.

Toby begged for his job back but was turned down. We were asked to step in to do the trial for another attorney. Graphics through their attorney had only offered a nominal sum, which didn’t even begin to pay his lost earnings, expenses and legal fees.

The jury verdict was in favor of Toby for over $5.2 million. Graphics and their President have no one to blame but themselves.

In another case referred to us for trial, our client discovered and reported an unsafe workplace exposing employees to possible asbestos, mold and disease from rat feces. She also discovered false reporting to OSHA to cover up workplace injuries and conditions. She was fired shortly afterwards. She has been blacklisted for life.

There are many other cases such as these.

We Work to Uncover the Real Facts

There are thousands of reasons causing a wrongful termination, retaliation, discrimination, and other wrongful acts. The employer’s true motive is a determining factor in deciding if it was illegal or wrongful in the eyes of the law. As your California wrongful termination lawyers, we will look beyond what your employer claimed was the reason for termination and investigate the true motives.

Our allegiance is to employees who have been wrongfully treated by their employers whether corporations, government or private enterprises. Our job is to get the truth out about what happened to you. To reveal to everyone necessary the real reasons exactly why you have been harmed.

We have successfully helped workers who experienced retaliation for,
Making claims or expressing concerns about their employment, including:

  • OSHA Safety issues and unsafe workplace
  • Making a Workers Comp claim for injuries or being injured on the job.
  • Reporting discrimination or Sexual Harassment
  • Pregnancy
  • Family emergency leave
  • Disability
  • Unpaid overtime
  • Wage & Hour questions
  • Meal and rest breaks
  • Retaliation for Reporting illegal acts; Participating in a state or federal investigation; Testifying in support of someone else's complaint

We recommend where possible to hold the employer responsible for putting you in harm's way. It is not your responsibility as the victim to fix the mess you did not start. Employers control the work environment - as a matter of law. They have chosen sides against you. When you are harmed in the workplace, you can make the employer own the responsibility for it. The law provides that employees “shall be granted all relief necessary to make the employee whole.”

If you or someone you know has suffered some type of injustice at work, we want to help you and while doing so be a voice for positive change - it will help deter future misconduct. At the Webb Law Firm we are Employment Law Experts with a winning track record of holding employers accountable for workplace violations and protecting working families. So let’s talk!

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Whenever possible, we handle cases on a contingency fee basis, our assurance that we believe in you and your case. We are confident that we can successfully recover for your harm and if we don’t win you don’t have to pay us one penny for our attorney fees. We are committed against injustice by those in powerful positions and to holding them accountable for injury or harm to innocent victims.

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