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How Can What Is Wrong Be Made Right?

Selecting the best Employment Law team is critical to winning. It begins with your choosing an employment law firm with years of experience in the intricacies of Labor and Wrongful Termination law. Next, hire someone recognized as a “Top lawyer in his field”, that has a proven track record of verdicts and awards. Look for a leader in the field that is committed to excellence and understands what is at stake. Then be sure that they believe in you and in your case.

Top Attorney in his field

Jerry L. Webb, founder and lead trial attorney of the Webb Law Firm has 32 successful years representing thousands of employees & individuals since opening his law practice in 1980. He is licensed to practice in Federal and all California courts.

Early in his career, Webb volunteered his time at the Neighborhood Legal Services, representing indigent clients on a pro-bono basis. He also served as Trial Counsel for the Los Angeles City Attorney Office, Criminal Division, and later served as Court Appointed Trial Counsel for the Los Angeles Criminal Courts. He tried cases ranging from theft to Murder, Rape, kidnapping and Robbery. Webb was appointed to the 1984 Olympics Major Occurrence Panel for the Los Angeles Courts. He continued his pursuit for excellence in the Court Room, as a Graduate of Hastings College of Law, University of California–Center for Trial and Appellate Advocacy Program. He also trained with the legendary Gerry Spence at his Trial Lawyers College course.

Briefly during 1988 and 1989, Webb was honored to serve as Temporary Judge for the Los Angeles County Courts. Annually, by invitation, Webb presides as Trial Judge in the California Institute for Trial Advocacy Skills, National Trial Advocacy Competitions at both, USC and UCLA Law Schools. The California Trial Lawyers Association in Recognition of Valuable Contribution to the field of continuing education has honored Webb with the “Improvement of the Administration of Justice Award”. Trial work is his passion.

Attorney Webb is a recognized leader in the field of employment law, a founding Sponsor of the Civil Justice Foundation. He is acclaimed as a Top Trial Attorney in the country, recognized in the legal community for having recovered large multi-million dollar awards for deserving clients.

Webb has authored noteworthy articles with groundbreaking ideas on controversial legal issues, published by Los Angeles Daily Journal and other legal publications. By invitation, he has addressed local organizations; and has been mentioned many times in the press, legal journals and several Los Angeles area newspapers. He has extensive trial and appellate level experience, having successfully represented clients in numerous cases in Federal and State Courts, Appellate Courts, and the California Supreme Court. He is responsible for landmark appellate court decisions instrumental in development and establishing new law. When the firm takes on your case, Attorney Webb will be fully involved from the beginning to the end.

The Firm’s Results Reflect Its Tradition Of Excellence

The Webb Law firm legal team is committed to excellence in all aspects of their practice. Their success is no surprise, given a proven track record and dedication to protecting fairness in the workplace.

They have earned a highly respected reputation in employment and other areas of law. The firm’s reputation is enhanced by the recognition of Multi-million dollar awards, court and trial appointments and the valued, successful association with other renowned Employment, Personal Injury & other Trial Lawyers.

“These guys are for real. They know how to get results.”

Other attorneys frequently refer cases to them and many ask Webb to handle their jury trials. Defense attorneys who represent employers have recommended and referred cases, after being opposing counsel on their cases.

They offer one-on-one attention to each case

Their legal team devotes their efforts so that each case receives the close attention it deserves. They represent clients from all walks of life, from the everyday employee to a CEO, and all of them get the same excellent representation. Their allegiance is to workplace fairness. They offer personal, one-on-one attention to each individual client, and are personally concerned about your circumstances. They carefully address the case and pursue a resolution that serves your interests protecting you from suffering further discrimination, abuse, or other illegal practice. You can have confidence that you will never be “just another number”.

We Work to Uncover the Real Facts

There are thousands of reasons causing a wrongful termination, discrimination, retaliation and other wrongful acts. The employer’s true motive is a determining factor in deciding if it was illegal or wrongful in the eyes of the law. As your California wrongful termination lawyers, we will look beyond what your employer claimed was the reason for termination and investigate the true motives.

Our allegiance is to employees who have been wrongfully treated by their employers whether corporations, government or private enterprises. Our job is to get the truth out about what happened to you. To reveal to everyone necessary the real reasons exactly why you have been harmed.

The law provides that employees “shall be granted all relief necessary to make the employee whole.” If you or someone you know has suffered some type of injustice at work, we want to help you and while doing so be a voice for positive change – it will help deter future misconduct. At the Webb Law Firm we are Employment Law Experts with a winning track record of holding employers accountable for workplace violations and protecting working families.

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Whenever possible, we handle cases on a contingency fee basis, our assurance that we believe in you and your case. We are confident that we can successfully recover for your harm and if we don’t win you don’t have to pay us one penny for our attorney fees. We are committed against injustice by those in powerful positions and to holding them accountable for injury or harm to innocent victims.

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